Cheer Mom Musings – Cheerleading Stunt Stand

I have been a cheer mom for a couple of years now.  My daughter didn’t do Pop Warner leagues or competitive cheer when she was younger.  She did ballet and soccer.  She didn’t get bit by the cheer bug until middle school where she was on the pep squad in 7th & 8th grade and then the cheerleading team her 8th grade year.  She really loves cheering and I am super excited she is doing something she loves.

She tried out for her high school team and made JV, big congrats to her and all of the other squad!  She is a flyer and really loves flying.  As for myself, being her mom, I’m of course nervous every time she stunts.  Since she didn’t do cheerleading when she was younger I didn’t have all those years to get used to it.  She has been doing great so far and has her half and full down.  She’s been working on her liberty and she did have a fall and bumped heads with one of her bases.

I know that cheerleading is dangerous so I wanted to find a way that she can practice at home safely on balancing and building up core muscles for her stunts.  After researching I thought it would be a good idea to make a stunt stand.  Since I do like to save money and like DIY’s, I did have my husband make her a stand but that didn’t turn out as planned.  The problem was, he didn’t make the foot rest thick enough so it broke when I tested it out.  I still have a nice bruise on the arch of my foot from it breaking in half when I stood on it.  With it being redone with thicker wood I am sure it would have worked out great.  I just didn’t have the confidence with my daughter doing stunts on it, so I started researching pre-made stunt stands.

After quite a bit of research and videos I decided to go with the stunt stand.  It’s super sturdy and the foot rests can be changed out for different levels of stunting. This particular stunt stand had 5 stars with over 100 reviews. I think those are awesome stats and I did want something where she and I both felt confident with it advancing her skills to be able to stick her stunts.

She has been practicing on it ever since it has arrived and she has definitely built up more confidence practicing her liberty’s.  She’s even been practicing arabesque’s.  I think this stand is awesome and so does she.  I feel much safer with her getting her balance skill up to par on the stunt stand rather than in the air.  The ground is a lot closer than in the air.  I’m really proud of her hard work and love the confidence she is gaining with each stunt she sticks.  If you want too see it in action, I’ve inserted a short video at the end of this post of her using her stand.

Liberty Stunt with Stunt Stand

I know the price is a bit high on this particular stunt stand and I was a bit reluctant at first. If you aren’t able to fit the stunt stand in your budget there are some other great options such as these here.

Here is a short video of my daughter using the stunt stand.

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