How to Make a Unicorn Ornament

My goodness this unicorn ornament is sparkly and so adorable! I’ve made a new video tutorial to show you how to make one for yourself.

Unicorn Ornament

I just love how the unicorn ornament turned out and it is really easy to make. The unicorn ornaments will make the perfect Christmas gift for any unicorn lover.  You can even personalize it by adding a name on the backside with either a paint marker or by cutting out vinyl with a craft cutter. If you want to see how I made it then you can watch below.

How to make unicorn ornament

Supplies Needed:
Glass Ornament
Mod Podge
Modeling Clay (Sculpey)
White Iridescent Glitter
Gold Glitter
Small Paper Flowers
Black Paint Marker
Pink Felt
White Glitter Foam Sheet
Gold Cord Ribbon
Hot Glue
Paint Brush

*Note* – After creating my glitter Santa Clause ornament, I prefer the polyurethane method to Mod Podge.

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Watch now: How to Make a Unicorn Ornament


Unicorn Donuts

DIY Unicorn Donuts

My daughter and I had a great time turning these pre-made donuts into unicorns! They turned out super cute and they would go great with a unicorn themed party. Or they can be for any day because really… who doesn’t love unicorns? We put together a video tutorial showing you exactly how we made them. You can find that video below.

Unicorn Donuts

We turned these plain donuts from the grocery store.

Into these…

Unicorn Donuts

From plain to fabulous! I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter and letting our creative juices flow. Nothing like a little mother, daughter time.

Glaze Recipe
1 1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar
2 tbs whole milk
1 tsp vanilla extra

Place sifted powdered sugar, milk and vanilla extract in a bowl. Stir ingredients until smooth and creamy. If mixture is stiffer than wanted then you can add in more milk 1 tsp at a time and stir. If mixture is runnier than wanted then added a small amount of powdered sugar to mixture and stir.

Watch here: How to Make Unicorn Donuts

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Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Cake

Everyone loves unicorns and I bet you will love these unicorn cupcakes too!  I’ve made a video tutorial on how to make unicorn cupcakes and they turned out so magical and beautiful!  You will use your favorite cake recipe and buttercream recipe.

Unicorn Cupcakes, Unicorn Cake


Watch the video below on how I made them!