DIY Santa’s Magic Key Poem & Magic Reindeer Food

Santa's Magic Key and Magic Reindeer Food

DIY Santa’s Magic Key Poem & Magic Reindeer Food
Santa's Magic Key and Magic Reindeer Food

The DIY Santa’s magic key poem and magic reindeer food are very easy and  a fun craft for kids to do this Christmas season. This really is an easy craft and the perfect way to get the kids a little extra excited on Christmas Eve.

If you do not have a chimney and your kids are concerned about how Santa is going to deliver their presents then Santa’s magic key is the perfect craft for you! Hang the magic key poem tag and key on the Christmas tree and then on Christmas Eve hang it on the door knob or somewhere Santa will see the key.

Santa's Magic Key Poem

DIY Santa’s Magic Key
Santa’s Magic Key Poem
Magic Key Poem Backside
Decorative key
Hole punch

Directions: (Watch video below)
Cut out the Santa’s Magic Key poem and the backside for the poem.
Glue the poem to the backside with glue stick and punch a hole at the top of poem tag.
Tie a ribbon to the poem tag through the punched hole to use for hanging the poem tag.
Use ribbon to string the bell and key and tie to the poem through the punched hole.
Hang on your Christmas tree until Christmas Eve, then hang the poem tag to your front door or somewhere that Santa can get the magic key.

Also, you can’t forget about Santa’s reindeer. On Christmas Eve just sprinkle the magic reindeer food on your lawn to give Santa’s reindeer a little snack to help keep their energy up while they deliver all the presents to all the girls and boys.

Magic Reindeer Food

DIY Magic Reindeer Food
Magic Reindeer Food Tags Printout
Container (Glass tube, plastic bag, etc)
Rolled Oats
Sugar Crystals

Directions: (Watch video below)
Print and cut out magic reindeer food tags
Punch a hole on tag
Mix together rolled oats, sugar crystals and sprinkles. You do not need to measure at all, just use as much or as little as you want.
String ribbon through the punched hole on tag and tie around your container.

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