Festive Kids Drinks

When there is a party or a holiday like New Year’s it’s really fun for kids to have their own kid friendly festive drinks. Here are a few kid friendly drinks that my kids drink around the holidays. They are sweet and delicious. These will be great for birthday parties, holidays and ringing in the new year!

Kids Festive Drinks

Kids Gummy Bear Champagne
Kids Gummy Bear Champagne

Chilled 7-up / Sprite or Lemon Lime Soda
Gummy Bears

Put gummy bears in a glass and fill glass with chilled 7-up.

Kids Gummy Champagne



Kids Shirley Temple DrinkModern Shirley Temple



Modern Shirley Temple

Grenadine Syrup
7-Up (or Gingerale, Sprite or Lemon Lime Soda)
Orange Juice
Maraschino Cherries

Place ice in a cup, put 1½ tablespoon of grenadine syrup in glass, pour orange juice in glass half way, pour 7-up the rest of the way, then place a cherry on top.

This is the modern shirley temple. If you prefer old styled shirley temples then you will just use gingeale along with grenadine syrup and a cherry on top.




kids cotton candy cocktailKids Cotton Candy Cocktail

Cotton Candy

Pour 7-up in the glass and top it off with cotton candy. This drink is super sweet and any kid will love it. The cotton candy dissolves quickly leaving a mixture of pretty colors.


Watch the festive drink video: