How To Make a First Birthday Hat

Video tutorial on how to make a first birthday hat.

In my latest video tutorial, I show you how to make a first birthday party hat.
Video tutorial on how to make a first birthday hat.

Photography is another one of my loves and I had the honor of photographing my dearest friends granddaughter’s 1st birthday photos. I just love how they turned out and soon I will post a blog on some of my most favorites photos from the photo session. So, keep an eye out for it.

I made her birthday outfit along with most of the props for the session. Also, I made video tutorials so I could show you how I made them. Believe me when I tell you that they are all super easy to make too!

In my first video tutorial, I show you how to make the first birthday hat that you see in the below photo. I just love how it came out. You can change all the aspects of it to make it match perfectly to your own party and color scheme. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is. If you want to see how I made the tutu skirt then go here.

Nyla First Birthday Photo Session


Nyla First Birthday Photo Session

Silver Glitter card stock (12×12)
Elastic Cord (or ribbon)
Lilac Felt
Pencil/Fine point marker
Birthday Hat template
Number 1 template
Exacto Knife
Hot glue gun/Hot glue

You can watch below for the video tutorial on how to make the adorable 1st birthday hat! Also, I will be posting a video tutorial on how I made the adorable tutu skirt too!

Watch here: How to Make a 1st Birthday Hat



Gumball Machine Halloween Costume | DIY

DIY Gumball machine halloween costume

DIY Gumball Halloween Costume

Halloween is almost here and today I am showing you how I made this adorable DIY gumball machine Halloween costume for my daughter.   She is in a club and they are having a Halloween costume contest and the only criteria was that it needed to be homemade.  She decided on being a gumball machine and though it looks like it took a bit of time getting all the “gumballs” on, it didn’t in the end. Below you can see written instructions and also below is a link to my video tutorial.

To start this project you will need a few supplies:
White Shirt
Red Pants (or you can use a skirt or shorts)
Pom Pom Balls (I used 3 packages)
Grey Felt (Self adhesive optional)
White Felt (Self adhesive optional)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Black Marker (Fabric or Permanent)
Grey Thread (Optional)

1. Start by measuring the width and height of the front part of your pants on how large you want the grey felt area to be. The grey felt is what resembles the metal front of a gumball machine. My measurements were 5″x5½”.

2. Next, use your ruler and draw out your measurements on the grey felt and then cut it. I cut out a 5″x5½” section of the grey felt.

3. Next, take your white felt and draw out a small rectangle/square on it and then cut it out. My measurements were 3½”x2″ for my white felt rectangle and I used self adhesive felt.

4. Next, draw out 25¢ with your permanent marker (or fabric marker) on to the white felt that you cut out.

5. Next, you will adhere the white 25¢ felt onto the front middle portion of the grey felt.  You will adhere the felt by hot glue or if you use self adhesive felt then just remove the backing to expose the sticky side of the felt and place it on top of the felt. Then you will draw the gumball opening on the bottom portion of the grey felt by drawing a half circle. Then draw the coin intake on the top portion of the grey felt by drawing out a circle and then a long skinny rectangle through the middle of the circle, making sure to overhang the ends of the rectangle as seen in the example photo.

6. Next, you will adhere the grey felt to the front portion of your pants. You can adhere it by hot glue, fabric glue, sewing it on or using self adhesive felt. If you want to save the pants to wear for a later time then using self adhesive felt will be the way to go. If you do use self adhesive felt then I recommend basting a stitch on each of the corners so it will be secure and not fall off but the stitch can easily be removed.

7. Now it’s time to add the pom poms to make the gumballs! You can place hot glue or fabric glue on the backside of the pom pom’s and then place down on top of your shirt in any pattern that you want. (Tip: I started by individually placing them down but it became much easier once I started putting hot glue down in lines and then just quickly placing the pom poms on top.) If you are tucking your shirt in then leave room at the bottom of your shirt that doesn’t have pom poms.

Now there you have it! A simple and unique Halloween costume. I will update you after my daughter has her Halloween costume contest on the 28th and let you know if she was one of the winners.

DIY Gumball machine halloween costume



DIY Rustic Farmhouse Happy Fall Sign

rustic fall sign

Summer is winding down and Fall is just around the corner.  Fall is my most favorite season of all.  Even though I live in Florida and it’s still pretty hot, it’s just not the sweltering, take your breath away hot. You know the type that causes you to produce a full on sweat just walking to your mail box.  Yeah, that’s Summer in Florida, so I welcome fall with open arms. Also, the smell in the air changes, evenings are cooler and I find most of my reminiscing happens in Fall.

With Fall comes the need to decorate my home with all kinds of “Fallish” things.  I still follow a neutral color scheme even in fall and I really love the rustic farmhouse / rustic chic style. This means any of the decor I choose or make will be that type of style. Since I love crafting I thought I would get to crafting! My first “Fall” project is this rustic farmhouse Happy Fall sign. I just love how it turned out.

rustic fall sign

It’s perfectly imperfect and I think it looks great on top of my freshly painted storage drawer dresser.

rustic happy fall decorations

rustic happy fall sign

Per usual I have put together a video on how I made it and I hope you enjoy watching it! You can click here or watch below. If you are interested in a tutorial on how I made my Silhouette file to cut my vinyl stencil, then comment on here or on the video.

Supplies used:
12×12 Sign
Vinyl Stencil
Transfer Tape
Weeder tool
Chalk Paint
Foam Brush

Happy Almost Fall!



DIY Confetti Number Cake Topper

DIY Confetti Number Cake Topper, Sweet 16 Cake Topper

Today I am going to share with you how to make these quick and easy DIY confetti number cake toppers. All you need is a number stencil, tissue paper, parchment paper, hot glue, and dowel rods.

DIY Confetti Number Cake Topper, Sweet 16 Cake Topper

These can be made using any colored tissue paper that matches your party theme. Also, you can make any number, be it for 1st birthday, sweet 16 or 80th birthday! I bet you can make these in any shape too, like a graduation cap with using a graduation cap stencil and black tissue paper. Let your imagination run wild.

DIY Confetti Number Cake Topper, DIY Cake Topper


I have put together a video tutorial, which can be found below, on how you can make these too!

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DIY Tulle Pom Pom Wand – Princess Wand

DIY Princess Wand, How to make a tulle pom pom wand

My goodness! I have something totally adorable to share with you today. It’s pink, fluffy and oh so adorable! It’s a DIY tulle pom pom wand, otherwise known as a princess wand. These tulle pom pom wands are so cute and what makes them so great is they are so easy to make. You an make one in no time at all.

DIY Princess Wand, How to make a tulle pom pom wand

They make awesome center pieces and would add an extra special touch to any party! Yes, they are so versatile in which you can make them for any celebratory occasion by just using different color tulle. Birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, you name it, they will go great.
DIY Princess Wand, How to make a tulle pom pom wand


I’ve put together a video tutorial (see below) to show you exactly how to make the tulle pom pom wands you see in the above photo. While you watch, please subscribe and don’t forget to like the video. This will let me know that you enjoyed watching. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Watch here: How to Make a Tulle Pom Pom Wand

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